The Living Donors Together

Date: June 19, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm  to  8:00 pm

Bringing living donors, recipients, and the transplant community together.
Through webinars, Facebook and meet-ups at National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin events, living donors
and recipients share personal stories, resources and ways to promote awareness of living donation.

This webinar will feature:

  • Lenny Zweig (recipient) and Emily Nowak (living donor)
    Lenny ‘found’ Emily by wearing a customized t-shirt at a Brewers game last season.
  • An update on the progress to get the Living Donor Protection
    Act passed by Congress.
  • Open Mic: A time for questions or just to share.

Each webinar is moderated by living donor NKFW volunteers,
Michelle Schuerman and Jill Dillon.

Register at or call (414) 897-8669

Future Webinars: September 18th, 2019 ‐ November 20th, 2019

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