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Innovation and Impact Grants Program

Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) supports its mission through the Innovation and Impact Grants Program. Funds are made available annually to support projects focused on either:

  • Increasing the number of individuals who register to become organ, eye and tissue donors
  • Increasing the number of donated organs/tissues available for transplantation

Proposed 2025 projects may focus on any one or more of the following:

  • Unmet need related to increasing donor registration or the availability of more donated organs/tissues in Wisconsin
  • Specific demographic, age or professional group
  • Unique geographic location (county, region or tribal area) of Wisconsin
  • Transformational change in professional/clinical practices, policy or systems

Funding requests must be between $10,000-$50,000/project. Requests outside of this range will not be considered. All projects must be completed between January 1 and December 31, 2025 – no exceptions. Organizations must have the ability to begin a project on or shortly after January 1, with or without a signed agreement.

There is no limit to the number of projects an eligible organization may submit for consideration. Collaborative projects between organizations are welcome. However, at least one organization involved in a collaborative project submission must meet the “eligible organization” criteria.

Watch the Innovation and Impact Grants Info Session for more information.

Letter of Intent (LOI) online applications for 2025 projects will be accepted April 29-June 3, 2024.

Click here to begin.

Questions about the 2025 DLW Grants process:

What is the DLW grants program?

DLW is authorized to provide funds to organizations to promote the donation of organs and tissue, to promote organ and tissue transplant research, and to advance patient services involving organ and tissue transplants in Wisconsin.

What is an eligible organization/who can apply?

May organizations collaborate on a proposed project?

Can an organization that provides services in states other than Wisconsin be eligible?

Can an individual apply for a DLW grant to encourage organ and tissue donation?

What are permitted use of funds?

What are examples of expenses not permitted?

What components must be In the letter of intent (LOI)?

How can an organization apply for a DLW grant?

What are the largest and smallest amounts that an organization may request?

What are the reporting requirements?

What is the timeline?