Molly: My Medical Miracle

Through their selfless generosity, the spirit of tissue donors lives on through people like Molly Blackwood.

Molly is a former nurse who spent her career helping patients in need. All of those years on her feet took a toll on her back. She suffered through excruciating, debilitating pain that prevented her from playing sports, gardening, and staying active.

In 2018, Molly underwent a tissue transplant to fuse her spine and allow new bone to grow. Thanks to the transplant, Molly is completely healed and back to living a fulfilling life.

“The transplant is a medical miracle. I thank my tissue donor from the bottom of my heart – and spine,” said Molly.

“I am forever grateful to my tissue donor who helped me regain my quality of life,” said Molly. “Like countless other transplant recipients everywhere, I want donor families to know that their loved ones live on with those that have a second chance at life.”