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Richard: The Gift of Life Twice

Richard Lewis has received the gift of life not once, but twice.

In 2004, doctors diagnosed Richard with kidney disease and told him that he needed a transplant to survive. His sister, Keyia, got tested and was found to be a perfect match. In February 2005, Richard received his new kidney from his life-saving sister.

Richard returned to full health until 2014, when the kidney he got from his sister began to fail. He began four-hour dialysis treatments three times a week, while once again adding his name to the organ transplant waiting list.
In July 2017, a local mother who tragically lost her son made the selfless decision to donate his organs. Her son was the match Richard was looking for. Richard underwent his second successful kidney transplant, as he and the spirit of his donor live on through the miracle of organ donation.

“It’s a blessing. I hope to continue to give my donor’s life purpose,” says Richard. “I think that everybody should be an organ donor. You can definitely make a difference in somebody’s life.”

Richard Lewis